Asian Traditional Massage Culture (New 2019) | Sensitive healing massage for women *4

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✅The use of massgae therapy:
– Regular massage helps the body to reduce stress, relax muscles are tenderness and aches, increase confidence and make mental relaxtion. The combination of herbal medicine or some specialized drugs work to remove axcess fat, help the boody firm and therefore also effective weight loss.
❤️Massage therapies in the world:
In the owrld, massage methods are very popular, there are some typical massage methods such as Thai Massage, Swedish massage, Traditional massage, Body massage without oil or Vietnam massage.
✔ The use of massage therapy:
+ Adjust posture
+ Make good sleep
+ Reduce anxiety
+ Headache relief
+ Effective for all types of pain
+ Weight loss
+ Detoxify
+ Prevents the accumulation of deposits in the joints and reduces the swelling of the muscles.
Strengthen the ability of the muscle tissue to treat quickly and effectively.
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